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How long is sublimation slate painting good for?

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Guide: The current technology can be printed on slate, which must be hard to imagine in the past, but no one knows how many such markets exist. How long will it take

The current technology can be printed on slate, which must be hard to imagine in the past, but no one knows how many such markets exist. How long will it take for this kind of thermal transfer lithography to be good? The following Hongxiang will bring you the answer.


Thermal transfer lithography process: 1. Use special thermal transfer black ink and thermal transfer ink paper, and copy the photos onto the thermal transfer ink paper through the EPSON copier. Transfer mugs are the same. 2. How to set the size of picture printing: first measure the size of the bluestone you choose, and pay attention to the way the natural edge of the stone painting is opened, so as not to place key texts on the natural edge as much as possible.

First heat the equipment, set the equipment to the original 270 degrees, the high temperature is 280 degrees, and the time is 420 seconds. The high temperature sponge must be heated together on the silicone gasket of the equipment. And print the pictures of the products that must be printed. The size of the pictures should be cut according to the size of the bluestone board. Subsequent copying onto sublimation paper. When the required temperature is reached, it can be printed. The bluestone board is hot-printed face down, and the high-temperature sponge is placed on the bottom. When the equipment is heated to 280 degrees, the bluestone board is put in. After hot stamping, it is recommended to wait for the bluestone board to stay in the equipment for a few minutes before removing the product.

The whole process of heat transfer lithography: 1. For the selection of equipment, please use equipment with a relatively high temperature. It is recommended to use a high-pressure machine of 38cmX38cm. 2. The time setting of the tablet machine is: seven minutes to eight minutes; the temperature is: 185 degrees to 200 degrees, the degree Fahrenheit is: 380 to 390 degrees, and the bluestone is placed vertically in the center. For actual data information, please check a bluestone slab first, and check the color of the baked photo. If the photo is too light, please increase the time and temperature accordingly. The working pressure is moderate, and the bluestone slab will be cracked by excessive communication. 3. Mastering the method: Since the slate painting is a kind of thousand-layer stone, the inside of the stone is many layers, so the heat transfer will be slow and uneven. Please turn the tablet machine gently when making it. Press it on the bluestone board for 1 minute, let the bluestone board be heated first, and then press it under the normal pressure. The benefits of this are: in winter, the temperature is low, and the stones are heated independently and subjected to high pressure for a long time. Cracks easily.

The above is the "Sublimation Lithograph Painting Process" shared by Hongxiang, and I hope it can be helpful to you. The specific use time is actually not long, just note that you can't take it off immediately during the process, but you need to wait for a few minutes.

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