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What exactly is thermal transfer printing?

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Guide: What exactly is thermal transfer printing? This problem has always troubled people who want to know it. The name sounds half-understood. They only know that it is

What exactly is thermal transfer printing? This problem has always troubled people who want to know it. The name sounds half-understood. They only know that it is used for printing, but they don’t know anything about how to operate it. The following Hongxiang will answer this question for you.


Thermal transfer printing is generally used to print pattern designs on ceramic cups and metal manufacturing. Generally, this material supplier needs to apply a thermal transfer material on it in advance before it can be thermally transferred. If it is a photo, such as a portrait picture, it is recommended to use thermal transfer printing; if it is a wire frame, such as a text pattern, silk screen printing ink is stronger. Thermal transfer raw materials can be found on the Internet, and there are many. Note that there are differences between dark and light colors, hot tear and Lengs materials. For screen printing ink, a large amount is more suitable.

Thermal transfer literally means to transfer the pattern transfer paper that needs to be printed to the product through a "vehicle" through high temperature. We Chinese love "fallible idioms". The name is expected to be able to understand the main purpose of this product literally. Let me give you an example. Take the name Jackie Chan as an example. It can be seen from the literal meaning of expecting a child to become a talent. Looking back, heat transfer printing also has such a meaning. The development of heat transfer printing has only a history of more than ten years. For the field of packaging printing, heat transfer printing is still a new stage at this stage.

In fact, the heat transfer machine is also a kind of printing machinery. With the innovation and improvement of heat transfer printing technology, it is believed that heat transfer machines will have a place in the packaging and printing field in the near future. Because the application range of thermal transfer printing is quite extensive. It is suitable for plastics, metal materials, porcelain, wood and other products. And it can also be hot stamped on different shapes, such as planes, slopes, different surfaces, round surfaces, conical surfaces, etc. In other words, its effect is extremely strong.

Thermal transfer printing is an ordinary color printer. The most widely used ones in China are epson series products such as 230290T50, etc., and the price is around 1,000 yuan. Let me put it this way first~ The equipment is not expensive, and it only costs three to four thousand yuan for a complete set. If you only make water glasses and clothes, you can get it for two thousand yuan. Many people in this industry want to start a business. The physical store chooses the school, and let’s not talk about the others first. The school has two summer vacations, and it seems that there will be three months of vacation. You rest for a quarter of the year. Does your store stop spending money? The capital investment to do this is only three or four thousand, and if you open a physical store for more than ten thousand, this is the reason why you can't do it.

The above is the "thermal transfer printing technology" introduced by Hongxiang, and I hope it can be helpful to you. First of all, it is an emerging technology, which is not well known by people, and secondly, it has incomparable advantages compared with ordinary printing equipment.

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