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How high temperature does sublimation ink print on clothes?

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Guide: Thermal transfer technology can be used not only for cups, metals and other items we often hear, but also for our daily necessities, but it needs to control the ink

Thermal transfer technology can be used not only for cups, metals and other items we often hear, but also for our daily necessities, but it needs to control the ink, so how much high temperature printing clothes? The following Hongxiang will share with you.


There is nothing wrong with sublimation ink for clothing, but be sure to use sublimation paper. For cotton, you must also use dark brown and light-colored heat transfer paper, and for clothing distribution. It is not allowed to print amethyst die, the amethyst pulse damper will be blurred when the transfer ink touches the crystal glue. Thermal transfer printing ink is a unique printing ink that can be lifted at high temperature. This kind of printing ink can lift the transfer paper from the printing paper to the textile under certain temperature, working pressure and time (such as : sportswear, non-woven handbags, clothing, artwork, coated metal materials, etc.), through vaporization and free diffusion into the interior of the fabric or coating, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring, no touch after printing. Generally, there are four colors of red, blue, black, and yellow, so that we can print all kinds of colorful patterns that we need, and the patterns are rich in layers, bright in color, good in reproducibility, and the images are consistent. It is easy to fall off, crack and fade, and is resistant to abrasion and sunlight, so heat transfer products are more durable.

Use dark brown heat transfer paper for dark brown clothes. The temperature is 160 degrees Celsius for 25 seconds, and 180 degrees for 10-15 seconds (sublimation ink copying, positive printing). Dark brown thermal transfer paper: the film side of the copy paper in the case of copying, tear off the film with the image after copying, put it face up on the clothes, cover the top with greaseproof paper and pure cotton cloth, The temperature and time are based on the indications on the instruction manual when purchasing the thermal transfer paper. Use light-color heat transfer paper for light-colored clothes. The temperature is 195 degrees Fahrenheit, 380 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 seconds (sublimation ink, reverse image), and the working pressure is relatively high. Light-color heat transfer paper: white flour with a film on the paper, the temperature and time are based on the instructions indicated on the purchase heat transfer paper.

For clothing printing, there are many kinds of materials, and different materials have different inks and processing techniques. For thermal transfer ink, there are many well-known brands of ink in China, and overseas ink has also entered the Chinese market. Generally speaking, the quality of Chinese ink is already very good. There is no need to use overseas ink. Sublimation paper uses Overseas ones are better, and they don’t cost much. If it’s a problem, the general nylon fabric is pressed at 150-180. The actual heat transfer time depends on the composition of the fabric.

The above is the "sublimation ink temperature problem" brought to you by Hongxiang, and I hope it can be helpful to you. It is definitely possible to print clothes, but you should pay attention to the color of the clothes, and the temperature will be different.

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