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How big does it take to make a sublimation mug picture?

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Guide: owadays, many cups will print beautiful patterns on the periphery for the sake of beauty. Many people are curious about how to do it? One part is heat transfer printing

owadays, many cups will print beautiful patterns on the periphery for the sake of beauty. Many people are curious about how to do it? One part is heat transfer printing, how big does it take to make such a mug picture? Below, Hongxiang will bring you the answer.


The size of the heat transfer cup picture depends on how big your cup is, generally about 20*8.0, you can adjust it according to your cup, measure the diameter, and then make a relative data, screen resolution Don't forget to adjust the rate to 300. Most of the specifications are 20*8.5. This is done specifically with cups, not fixed, such as heart-shaped cups. If you measure the two sides, it may be 17, and the aspect ratio may be 8, then you can set it to 17*8, and if you use ps to do it, the respective ratio must be adjusted to 300 and it will be ok.

The resolution requirements for making heat transfer cups: Keep the photos clear. If you are DIYing your own images, design the images according to the resolution requirements. In short, the higher the resolution of the photos, the clearer the better. The photos can be: 1: portrait photos, wedding photos; 2: newborn birth souvenirs (including fingerprints, footprints, etc.), birthday souvenirs, children's photos; 3: group photos with relatives, friends, classmates, couples; 4: Landscape photography, celebrity photos, pet photos; 5: photo stickers, your favorite pattern design; 6: paintings and calligraphy collected at home, only photos, etc.; 7: the larger the specification, the better, and the higher the definition, the better.

Steps for making heat transfer mug pictures: 1. A more meaningful picture will definitely leave you with good memories. Think about what situations you like to add, if you haven’t seen friends for a long time and don’t have a group photo together, PS can help you deal with them. 2. Use the photocopier to copy the picture in progress on the thermal transfer paper with thermal transfer black ink. Stick the blank end of the paper with tape, fix it on the cup, adjust the position of the paper, and then push to make the heat transfer paper wrap around the cup, and fix it with tape. Be careful not to rub off the black ink. In addition, the copied picture is reversed, but it is not necessary to paste left and right when pasting. 3. Turn on the thermal transfer equipment, when the temperature reaches 320°C, slowly put the cup in and fix it, and press the start and stop button. Raise the temperature to 350°C, count down for 50 seconds, turn off the power, remove the cup, and peel off the paper strip fixed by the adhesive tape. Be careful not to touch the hot cup wall with your hands at this time. 4. Sprinkle cold water on the cup with your hands, repeat several times, and slowly cool down to prevent explosion accidents.

The above is the "making the size of the picture of the thermal transfer cup" introduced by Hongxiang, I hope it can be helpful to you. In fact, it still depends on the size of our cup, because it is impossible to print too big or too small, but to achieve the effect we want.

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